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GMO technology – Clearing The Myth

When somebody mentions, GMO people want to burn them at the stake. These people are usually very ignorant and have no idea what GMO is and why it’s good or bad, but they were lead to believe that it is bad so there it is. GMO stands for genetically modified foods. This means that scientists, using technology, can modify certain genes, remove them, add them or mix different plants together. This opens up a whole new universe of things that can be done. But the main problem with people hating on GMO is that they don’t know that the GMO has been practiced since the dawn of time. Not in a way we do it today, but very similar to it.

If you think that the fruit and vegetables you eat today always looked like that, you cannot be more wrong. For example, if you saw a banana, the primary banana fruit and compared it with what it looks like today, you would say that they are two different fruits. Same goes with corn or potatoes. People simply did what they thought was best for them. feature03-01When they find a better version of a plant, genetically modified by nature, they take its seed and plant it. They then find their pick of the litter and do the same next year. Year after year they pick only the best plants, take their seeds and plant them for next year. This creates a forced evolution. You probably don’t know this, but bananas had seeds before they became what they are today. Many plants are resistant to viruses and weeds because only the best version of the plant was taken for the next season.

Close-up of bananas in marketWe’ve done this with animals too, not just plants. We forced evolution into our favor. That is genetic modification too. If we haven’t done what we did, we would have no dogs today. Dogs came from wolves, domesticated wolves which saw humans as partners for hunting. They helped humans hunt; they were more efficient when paired together, and they became our pets. As time went by, evolution took its course and wolves started changing bit by bit, after that, we took matters into our own hands and created all the dog breeds you know and love today.

q4gorkxBut why are we talking about all of this when it has nothing to do with today’s GMO? Well, because it has everything to do with today’s GMO. We are simply speeding up the process because we are well versed in science, and we have the tools to make it so. We don’t have to rely on evolution to take its course over countless generations; we can take matters into our own hands and do whatever we want. However, we want it, much, much faster. GMO means having bigger fruits and vegetables, more resistant to diseases and pests. It doesn’t rely on chemicals; it relies on genetics. This means, no harmful negative effects. Were there errors? Sure, like in any other scientific field, but from each error, we learn something new.