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Pros and Cons of Jack-Free iPhone 7

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Considering that the 3.5mm headphone jack has been around since 1964, Apple’s decision of removing it in an all new iPhone 7 was certainly a major one. There have been mixed opinions all over the internet regarding the decision. It should go without saying that the removal of a 3.5mm headphone jack comes with its own unique pros and cons. If you are still undecided about the change, let us mention a few of the prominent pros and cons associated with the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack on an iPhone 7 in order to let you make an informed decision.

Pros Of No Headphone Jack:

A few of the pros associated with no headphone jack on iPhone 7 are as follows:

    • The removal of the headphone jack on iPhone 7 not only means an even thinner smartphone, but it also means additional space which has been utilized for a bigger battery.
    • The use of the Apple’s lightning connector for the headphones has an improved sound quality to offer as well. Since the headphone is now capable of drawing power right from the smart device, the sound quality can be significantly improved. The introduction of DACs (digital to analog converters) built right into the headphone has also been made possible. In the very least, there are a wide variety of 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapters available that can improve your music quality as well.

Here is one such Lightning-powered DAC and power-bank in one that also doubles as a Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter:

  • Last but not the least, a lack of headphone jack and the introduction of wireless options prevent the user from the hassle of having to deal with the tangled cables all the time. There isn’t going to be any of that fuss ever again with the Apple iPhone 7.

Cons Of No Headphone Jack:

A few of the cons associated with no headphone jack on iPhone 7 are as follows:

  • Since the charging and earbuds both make use of the lightning connector on the iPhone 7 and there’s only one of those on a device, it simply means that you can longer enjoy the music while your phone is currently
  • There is no argument over the fact that the wireless option certainly comes at a cost of increased battery consumption. While Apple has improved the battery life on an iPhone 7, is it going to be sufficient to deal with excessive wireless connectivity for the avid music lovers?
  • Last but not the least, a lack of headphone jack means that your old accessories can no longer be used with an iPhone 7. For instance, you won’t be able to use an Aux cable to connect it to the music system in your car to listen to your favorite music.


Whether it was “bravery” (as Apple claims) or just a way to push their own Beats wireless headphones, the removal certainly was a major “tech disruption”. It is evident from the information mentioned above that a lack of headphone jack on an all new iPhone 7 has its own pros and cons associated with it. Now that you are familiar with a few of the major pros and cons, you are in a much better position to decide whether it’ll be worth upgrading to an iPhone 7. Compare your requirements with the pros and cons above and you’ll certainly be able to make a wise decision.