Designing a Website Locally

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Although websites are or can be seen globally, a local business may be more interested in appealing to a local audience than it is to a global one. For that reason, a local business from Leicester for instance, would want the best Website Design Leicester has to offer and in order to get that, they would probably be better off hiring a website designer from Leicester as opposed from a website designer anywhere else in the world. Yes all websites are basically similar but a local SEO specialist or website designer will know what appeals most to the local internet users and so can therefore apply subtle differences to its design in order to maximize its effect on those local users.

Although many companies today already know to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on their websites, it is very few that realize there is a difference between global SEO and local SEO and that knowing that difference can make a huge difference to a local business although may not have such an effect on the larger global businesses. Although a global company may use global SEO it may, in some instances also use local SEO especially if sales in a particular region are seen to be dropping.

A website though, local or global, is of no use if it never receives visitors and so as well as ensuring your business has a good, high quality website, designed with the correct group in mind, it is necessary to have at least some form of SEO applied to it. The most commonly used type of SEO are keywords and these are very effective in ensuring that someone who makes a relevant web search, will be encouraged to visit your site first. The keywords attract the search engine’s attention at one of the most critical times, when it is responding to a search request. Having brought the engine’s attention to their site, the keywords have done their task as then; the engine will place the site which contained the keywords at the top of its list of results.

An example of how a global keyword and a local keyword may vary is, the manufacturer of a hammer may place in the text on its website “Hammer” as a keyword whereas the a local SEO would place “hammer Leicester” as its keyword. Both may appear near the top of the engine’s list but the one with the keyword “hammer Leicester” would appear higher on the list in the Leicester region. There are of course other SEO strategies, one of which is back links. Although these can be placed as links to any website willing to host, local SEO specialists would only place them on Leicester based websites so as to be more visible in the Leicester vicinity.

Due to the huge number of websites online today, regardless of whether it is local or global, one form of SEO is essential in order for a website to be visible online today.

Kimberly Williams