Online Marketing

All businesses need a marketing strategy to improve their sales and keep ahead of their rivals and this also applies to online shopping sites. Although shopping sites may use the same SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies as other websites do to attract visitors to their sites, many also use discount codes or discount coupons as well as these two can be very effective marketing strategies.

SEO, of course, is a set of strategies specifically designed to entice internet users to particular websites by either placing links on other sites or by influencing the search engines by the use of keywords. Discount codes or promo codes as they are more often referred to and discount coupons are a more direct way of marketing as they are made available throughout the web but must be used from a specific website. An overstock promo code for example has to be used on the overstock website.

Overstock coupons and promo codes are in fact a good example to use as they are very popular due to them being particularly easy to use whereas some of the other coupons and codes can be a little tricky to use effectively. Basically, though, these codes or coupons, when used on the correct site, can reduce the price of certain items, brands or sometimes anything on the site but most of them will have a use by dates and so ensure that any you have are still valid before you attempt to use them.

Obviously, the issuer of the code will hope that whilst someone is on their site using the code, they will find other things to buy also, similar to high street shop having a sign in their window saying some items on sale, in the hope more people will enter the shop. For this reason, any online store which issues codes or coupons should try and ensure that their site is well designed and attractive enough to convince shoppers to stay longer than they necessarily have to.

As the numbers of online shops increases, so does the competition between them and it is that competitiveness which encourages the sites to use promo codes and coupons to entice potential customers to their site instead of a rival’s. This rivalry is beneficial to all shoppers, not only those that take advantage of the codes or coupons as it also encourages the online shopping sites to keep their prices low and competitive.

Regardless of how popular the online shopping sites get though, it is difficult to imagine them distracting from the popularity which malls currently enjoy. The reason for this is that generally, malls provide more than just a shopping trip, they also offer a place for personal interaction. An increasing number of people are visiting malls for socializing, meeting new friends, or old ones, family members and school acquaintances primarily and do any shopping they need online. The malls offer a socializing experience which will never be matched by online social media sites and certainly not online shopping sites.

Kimberly Williams